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Problem Reporting and Interpretations System

During the certification process or during the preparation phase, you may encounter a problem that inhibits or will inhibit your certification effort. You can file a Problem Report via this web site to obtain resolution to the issue. The POSIX Certification Authority is the sole interface that you need to deal with for such problem reporting.

This entry point is for the Product Standards within the POSIX®: Certified by IEEE and The Open Group program: [Search | Submit]

If the problem report relates to a test suite and does not concern Certification, it should be reported directly to the test suite support team.

For problems with the POSIX 1003.1 Standard not related to certification, defect reports may be filed using the defect report form.

You can access the system using the following links:

The types of problems that this system can be used for include:

  • Errors or ambiguities in the specifications against which conformance is based, specifically, in the specifications, or the underlying standards referenced by them
  • Errors in the test suites used to assess conformance with the specifications, specifically, in the test suites
  • Errors in the certification system, specifically related to the application process, agreements and completion of Conformance Statements

This Problem Reporting and Interpretations System automates the process of reporting problems in the test suites, specifications and certification system that form part of the certification program.


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